HCG – breastsurgerydraper.com http://www.breastsurgerydraper.com Health blog Sat, 18 Mar 2017 12:42:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.5 Easy hCG Drops http://www.breastsurgerydraper.com/easy-hcg-drops/ Wed, 25 Nov 2015 12:27:45 +0000 http://www.breastsurgerydraper.com/?p=20 Do you want to follow the hCG diet, but you’re afraid of ever injecting yourself with the hormone? Thankfully, nowadays, you don’t have to do that anymore. You can still follow the 500-calorie diet meal plan every day, but instead of injecting yourself with the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, you employ the use of hCG drops instead.

hCG drops come in two variants: the Homeopathic and the Prescription one. We’re going to be talking about a Homeopathic version of the hCG drops called the Easy hCG drops.hcg-drops

This Homeopathic hCG drop has had a lot of reviews over the past years because users report great results. One user pointed out that she lost a total of 23 pounds in just 21 days. That’s a lot of weight loss!

But, what makes Easy hCG drops effective? First, let’s take a look at the product description:

  • The Easy hCG Drops contain 100% real hCG
  • Rapid Fat Loss
  • Complete hCG dieting support
  • Comes with a free diet instruction eBook
  • Money Back Guarantee

This is really interesting, the makers of the Easy hCG drops is one of the only companies that offer a money-back guarantee. Most other supplement manufacturers do not have a money-back guarantee, so it is quite a surprise that the Easy hCG drops has one.

Furthermore, apart from the real hCG hormone, it also comes with few other known substances that aid you in fat-loss. They are:

  1. L-Carnitine
  2. L-Arginine
  3. L-Ornithine

Another highlight when you buy the Easy hCG drops is the included diet instruction eBook. This book helps guide you through the entire process of the hCG diet, including:

  • All the requirements needed for success
  • What you need to get started
  • Detailed instructions on the four-phases of the diet program
  • List of approved foods
  • Meal examples for a typical day while on the HCG diet
  • What to expect while on the diet program
  • Exercise on the HCG program
  • Diet optimization tips
  • Food calorie chart
  • Sample grocery list
  • Measuring conversion chart, and much more!

Now that we know about the Easy hCG drops, what do real customers have to say about this particular product?

Lydia: ““I was really hesitant to start hcg, but my weight problem got so bad that I finally got desperate enough to try something that I had thought was crazy. I heard all the reasons why it worked and rolled my eyes, because everything can be backed up with “science”. I was just going to try it, and if it worked, it worked, and that would be all the science I needed. I was very surprised by how quickly I got results. I lost a consistent average of pound a day, every day. I wasn’t hungry and I had plenty of energy. All it took was a little meal planning, to get the inexpensive, approved foods. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to get FAST, lasting results.””

Grace: “Easy HCG works! All you have to do is follow the simple diet. I lost 5 pounds in 1 week.”

It seems that the Easy hCG drops really do what it promises to do. If you want to buy the Easy hCG drops, it currently sells for $159.99 for their 60-day supply (a total of 8oz).

HCG Dieting – does it work for everyone? http://www.breastsurgerydraper.com/hcg-dieting-does-it-work-for-everyone/ Sat, 09 Jul 2011 11:27:24 +0000 http://www.breastsurgerydraper.com/?p=6 HCG, the newest hormone to hit the weightloss hype, is a non-FDA approved hormone found in pregnant women that is supposedly meant to cause weight loss. It is considered illegal and has never been approved to be sold directly to people. However, physicians are allowed to provide HCG shots for weight loss. Despite the proof that the drug does not work, there are legal doses that can be administered by physicians. If you happen to come across HCG and use it and experience negative side effects from the diet, then promptly halt it. Tell the FDA and call a doctor to get further advice. Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this diet is that people critisize it because of its sever calorie restriction limit. Patients are only allowed to consume a dangerously low amount of calories of 500 a day. Most people agree that with a calorie intake this low, it is no wonder the diet works r4i 3ds.

Two ways of taking HCG is orally and through injection. Reports have explained that HCG is in fact unhealthy for you due to the fact that it destroys a person’s electrolyte balance and sets off a slew of negative side effects. There is no evidence that it supports weight loss, though it is FDA-approved for infertility. Some studies even shown that it might be the driving force in weight gain during pregnancy. There is so much that is inconclusive about the drug it is hard to quantify its effects. The positive news about HCG is that the side effects are limited. Most of the drops are composed of water so this definitely reduces the potential harm the supplement proposes. Also, there is little risk for infection with the injection so that is also a positive finding. A downfall of the drug is that HCG clinics tend to cost thousands of dollars. This is definitely not the casre with good old fashioned diet and exercise.

HCG is actually required to be supplemented with a strict low calorie diet. An example of this diet is black coffee, fruit, bowls of berries, vegetables and lean small amounts of protein. HCG is considered an appetite suppressent so that is its claim to fame when fighting suggestions that the rapid weight loss is due to the low-calorie restrictions. Some may think the hormone is created from fetus placenta but it is actually a hormone that is found in the urine of pregnant women. The pill or injection form can be found online. It is important to note that some sell HCG simply for profit and have not gone through testing so finding a reputatble manufacturer is key. Going through a doctor is perhaps the best method. Due to research that says HCG has no effect on weight loss, it is probably best to avoid the practice all together and save money on something that might just be another scam. In fact, many of the pills contain no HCG at all and are labeled as “homeopathic” which means no traces of the drug are included. Due to the fact that this hormone is emitted in pregnancy to make the fetus grow, it almost seems completely opposite to what the drug is claming to accomplish.